Crash Course in Business Plan Competitions

Thought Leader, Mike Grandinetti, was featured in an article in Entrepreneur magazine about students competing in business plan competitions. He has judged dozens of business plan competitions. In the article he gives advice to students preparing for competitions and weighs in on the benefits of accelerators, mentorship and giving up equity. “If you can’t articulate…

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A title doesn’t make you a leader – it just puts you in a position to be one.

Thought Leader, Kevin Hamm, was featured in Business Insights, a Bluteau DeVenney publication that features some of the most successful business leaders. The interview took place while Hamm was President and CEO of VistaCare Communications. Some excerpts from the interview: “Early in my career I discovered that I could accomplish more by giving other people…

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Fast tech acquisitions can pay off, but with due diligence

Thought Leader, Mike Grandinetti, was featured in an article in ZDNet where he explores the topic of tech aquisitions. Some key points: “First-mover advantage is not always an offensive tact but also a defensive move against rivals” “The track record of major tech companies doing quick mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is nothing short of abysmal… Most…

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TOP 101: A formula for winning

Thought Leader Robert Orr contributed to an article in Progress Media. In the article he explores why there aren’t more multi-million dollar businesses in Atlantic Canada and how we can change that. “Where is the bold vision? From a business perspective, I believe that Canada’s biggest single commercialization gap is a lack of visionary leadership….

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