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Mike Grandinetti“There has never been a more exciting time to focus on innovation. In today’s “new normal” economy, with more funding available than ever before and new disruptive business models causing creative destruction at an unprecedented pace, innovation is now absolutely mandatory. This applies to any organization from start-ups to mid-size regional companies to large global brands. The innovation domain has evolved dramatically as a wide range of new, proven methodologies, when used in combination, yield powerful outcomes.”

For the past 30 years, Mike has worked in the technology, entrepreneurship and innovation sectors. He was an early team member and CXO of five venture capital-backed companies based in Boston, two of which went public on the NASDAQ, and all five of which were acquired in high multiple trade sales.

Mike holds the position of Global Discipline Lead (Global Department Chair) and Professor of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Management & Marketing at Hult International Business School, the world’s largest graduate management school. He was named Hult’s Professor of the Year in 2013 and Global Professor of the Week by the Financial Times. He has been awarded four Global Teaching Excellence Awards at Hult in the past two years, as well as a Peer Recognition Award as the Faculty Member most engaged in mentoring students.

Prior to this, Mike held a long-standing faculty appointment as Senior Lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management and co-led their most profitable Exec Ed course, The Entrepreneurship Development program. He is also a Senior Lecturer at the Technical University of Denmark where he has taught in the Corporate Entrepreneurial Leadership Program for the past seven years.  He has served as judge and mentor for some of the world’s largest entrepreneurship competitions including MIT Entrepreneurship Competition and the Massachusetts Challenge.

Mike is a mentor and advisor to hundreds of companies around the world and and advisor to universities on their technology transfer strategy, and to foreign national governments and provincial governments on innovation policy and cluster formation. He is active on the TEDx speaking circuit and is a sought after speaker on themes including the Entrepreneurial Renaissance and Crowd-Funding for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He is well known for his acute observations and his ability to identify key trends and is highly regarded as an influential mentor and expert on marketing innovation.

Mike has served as Co- Chairman of both the Business Development and the Nominating Committees of WGBH Public TV & Radio, the flagship operation within the US Public Broadcasting System while serving on the corporate executive board for the past 14 years. He graduated with an MBA from Yale, where he was named the annual Jess Morrow Johns Memorial Scholar and was the first ever recipient of the prestigious Procter and Gamble Marketing leadership award as well as the recipient of a Yale Teaching Fellowship. He earned his BS in mechanical and aeronautical engineering magna cum laude from Rutgers and was named to both the National Engineering Honor Society and National Mechanical Engineering Honor Fraternity.  Recently, was awarded the Rutgers Engineering Medal of Excellence for career achievement and was named Alumni of the Year for 2012 and serves on the Rutgers School of Engineering Advisory Board.

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