Leadership in action: Nowhere to hide

Kelly Jeffrey turned a lackluster university football team into a consistent winner – becoming CIS coach of the year and showcasing the advantages of the school on the national stage. by David Holt ——— Success in any field comes at a price. Nowhere is this more evident than in sports where leadership on the field—and…

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Inventing the Future

Thought Leader, David Holt, writes “Masters of leadership, strategy, and innovation all know one thing: the best way to predict the future is to create it.” In this article he explores the difference between earlier explorers motivated by the challenge of the unknown and our modern world which he describes as “a study in predictability.” Predictability…

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A sea of possibilities

   Two Thought Leaders come together for an interview David Holt, writes about Robert Orr in Progress Magazine. David Holt, passionate about strategy, leadership and innovation studies the career of Robert Orr who is dedicated to these three concepts;  from paper route to co-founder of the world’s largest ingredient supplier of omega-3s made from fish…

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Movement is Life

No matter what your organization does, you want your staff—and yourself—to have the right kind of energy. You need focus, adaptability, enthusiasm and resilience. You need to make decisions and be creative. You need to learn. You need reserves of energy that you can call upon when needed. In our goal-driven, stressed-out culture, all this…

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Don’t Just Do Something, Sit Still

Thought Leader, David Holt, writes “Think about the exceptional people and organizations you know, or know of. There is often one important quality that sets them apart. It’s absence more than presence. They think and act differently from their peers…” In this article he goes on to explore Matthew May’s Laws of Subtraction: Law 1 – What isn’t there…

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Leave your troubles behind

Managers can learn a lot from comedians. Laughter doesn’t just make you feel good. It makes you smarter and more able to see the big picture. An article by Thought Leader, David Holt At the Halifax Comedyfest the other night, host Dave Hemstad invited the audience to put their troubles under the seat for the…

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Eyes on the Prize

Thought Leader, David Holt, compares Olympic athletes and tech entrepreneurs in an article he wrote for Progress Magazine (of which he is co-founding editor). “Both require leadership, strategy and innovation to get where they want to go… Change requires leadership, which then relies on strategy and innovation to start the heavy lifting that eventually brings results….

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