Thought Leader, Alex Budak writes “We are facing a crisis of trust in the world today. Edelman’s Trust Barometer, which measures levels of global trust in institutions, reached an historic low this year—hitting a level not seen since the great depression… Trust has never been so low. Yet, all major trends that shape our world today—from…

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Effective Communications in a Complex World

If you read this intro about Peter before, it isn’t different than the last time, feel free to skip ahead to the five steps. If you didn’t see the previous article you can read it now: Effective Communications in a Complex World Introduction An award-winning business leader with an extensive history of fixing and growing…

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Jennifer Gillivan: Leadership Qualities

As President and CEO, Jennifer Gillivan has led the IWK Foundation to achieve the highest fundraising revenue in its history. She is a Board member for the Greater Halifax Partnership and the Canadian Children’s Pediatric Hospital Foundations Board. Jennifer was awarded as one of the TOP 50 CEO’s for Atlantic Canada for 2014 & 2015 as…

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Effective Communications in a Complex World – Introduction

An award-winning business leader with an extensive history of fixing and growing companies, Peter Conlon is passionate about business. With 37 years in general management and leadership in Canada, United States, Europe, Latin America, Asia and Australia, he has significant experience in large corporations, small businesses, independent entities and subsidiary operations, including direct line management…

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The Qualities of a Leader

We asked some of our favourite people what qualities of leadership they practice most – or aspire to practice. We noticed a common theme though all. Please comment and/or tweet to us with  #leadershipqualities The most important part of being a leader is staying connected to myself. When I’m completely myself, completely real, completely honest…

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Right brain thinking, being innovative and living an extraordinary life

Jennifer Gillivan is an accomplished strategist, a motivational leader, a mentor to hundreds, and a smart executive known nationally for great ideas and great results. At a recent event she discussed how to be innovative and right brain thinking. Highlights “It is incredibly powerful if your own personal why is connected to the why of your…

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How to Be a Leader When You Are Not The Leader

Thought Leader, Alex Budak writes “Leadership is not something bestowed upon a person by virtue of a title or position, but rather the sum of a continuous series of opportunities in which a person consciously decides to display acts of leadership.” In this article he writes about how we can all chose to be leaders…

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Ron Lovett: The Quintessential Entrepreneur

I have always admired Ron Lovett, President of Source Security. Ron is the quintessential entrepreneur. Resourceful, ambitious, wired for business, knows how to get answers and how to get things done, understands how to make money and remains focused. I interviewed him years ago and found out a few things he attributes to his success….

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Leadership as a Continuum

The human body is an amazing work of art.  In spite of its incredible complexity, your body quietly manages its own affairs with a competence that is unbelievable.  As an example, when was the last time you stopped to remind your lungs to oxygenate your blood?  Organizations can, and should, operate in much the same…

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